Here is a sample of some of the sessions we run for our clients, which are tailored to their needs and include work based case studies and scenarios. You'll see some examples of how we've done this for our clients.
Sources of pressure

Sources of pressure

What’s your main source of pressure at work? How much pressure is good for us? We use research from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to help you answer these questions and begin to understand how this may be affecting us and the people around us.
Symptom of pressure

Symptoms of pressure

Do you know what warning signs to look out for to suggest you or your team are suffering from excess pressure? How do team members recognise pressure in their manager and what do they do about it? They are not always the obvious ones that you may think of. We identify the physical, mental and social signs to look out for.
Wellbeing toolkit

The Well-being toolkit

Want to know how to relieve the symptoms of excess pressure but don’t know where to start? Do you know what advice to give to your team when you have identified the signs of pressure? We look at relaxation techniques but also at how we can take back control and address the root cause of some of our excess pressure.



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