Starting Point...
Peterlee Council were looking for an L&D Consultancy to work with their Senior Management Team to help them to identify and develop the soft skills required to deliver a successful appraisal process.
What We Did...
Following a detailed discussion with Ian Morris, Chief Officer, to identify needs and to get a full understanding of the appraisal process, we proposed the following two day workshop content.

This was based on the skills required for a performance appraisal cycle – from setting goals/objectives, then having interim reviews giving feedback and challenging performance where necessary, to conducting the final end of year review session. We also wove in some key skills which are essential to managing performance such as effective questioning, listening, being assertive and tapping into what motivates individuals.

• Introductions –an exercise to understand that performance is not just the ‘what’ (objectives and tasks), but also the ‘how’ (competencies)
• Claude Lineberry’s Personal Investment Model – diagnosing the reason for performance (without jumping to assumptions) before selecting the right intervention to address this
• Setting MET goals – MET (Measured, Exact & Timed) is our method for focusing on the essential aspects of an effective goal
• Engaging the employee through effective questioning and active listening to build a joint picture of performance
• An introduction to 3R Feedback (Reflect, Replay, Recommend) for giving factual positive and developmental feedback (none should be negative when done effectively)
• Giving It A Go – 3R rehearsal – delegates practiced a 3R conversation with another delegate playing a team member with feedback on how effective this was from fellow delegates and facilitator
• Challenging performance using the TAP structure (Tell, Ask and Plan)
• Giving It a Go – TAP rehearsal – delegates practiced a TAP conversation with another delegate playing a team member with feedback on the use of TAP from fellow delegates and facilitator
• Self awareness and state management – how to have Adult conversations using the concept of transactional analysis
• Motivation – using the work of Dean Spitzer and his 8 desires of super-motivation, delegates completed a questionnaire to highlight what their own preferences are and then thought about how they can use this with their team
• Action planning – completed throughout the day so that every delegate could transfer learning to the workplace

The Impression We Left...
Delegates took away actions from the day including:

• Planning for effective performance conversations
• To use open questions when reviewing performance
• Using TAP in performance conversations
• Have better performance conversations, using TAP and not slipping into nurturing parent!
• Starting to record evidence of competencies
• Think about my language to elicit thoughtful replies from my team
• Using what I have learned in these 2 days i.e. MET goals, 3 R and TAP

Comments from the delegates at the end of the two days included:

• An excellent couple of days, surpassed my expectations
• I found both days very interesting, and am feeling empowered after it all. Ready to put into practice
• The trainer had some excellent exercises to help us understand the different methods and tools
• The level of engagement from the full SMT group that attended was particularly delightful
• Excellent 2 days of learning and development. The trainer made sure the topic was delivered in a lovely and interesting way that kept us all engaged
• The course was very enjoyable and I learned a great deal both techniques/processes and about myself. My objective was to ‘sharpen the saw’; now it has been sharpened,  I need to maintain it that way. This should be done with the team and by putting into practice with the new appraisal process.

What our client said....


We appointed Footprint Learning & Development to deliver performance appraisal skills training for the Council's Senior Manager Team in January 2019.  The initial appointment was made on the back of a combination of a great initial proposal by the Footprint team and competitive day rates, and I can confirm that their delivery was excellent.  The Footprint trainer worked well with our Senior Management team from the initial pre-training tasking to the final evaluations.  She had a good understanding of our requirements, quickly built trust and rapport with the team and delivered some excellent sessions that included a range of delivery styles that transferred knowledge and enabled our managers to assimilate that into their working lives.  And they had fun too!  I was thoroughly impressed with both Footprint L&D as an organisation and the trainer as a person, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with them on management L&D activities.  I'd certainly be happy to work with Footprint L&D again in the future.
Ian Morris, Chief Officer, Peterlee Town Council

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