Starting Point...
The Care Quality Commission recognises how vital it is that colleagues understand the importance of strengthening their own resilience and what can impact this in themselves and fellow colleagues. We were approached to design and deliver two resilience events:

• Building Our Resilience (½-day) – for colleagues
• Building Team Resilience (1-day) - for Managers. It was recognised that Managers would benefit from a framework to have conversations with colleagues when showing signs of pressure as well as strategies to proactively support resilience.

What We Did...
We conducted research with a selection of the target audience which enabled us to design bespoke solutions around the content of the Robertson Cooper i-Resilience Report.  We scheduled regional workshops around the UK to encourage attendance.

The personalised i-Resilience Report consists of the following four sections, which were brought to life using a number of thought provoking activities:

1. Confidence:
• Mind Body Link - highlighting how beliefs drive our thoughts, which in turn manifest in our behaviour, culminating in the power of positive self-talk
2. Social Support:
• High Performing Team – using an engaging team exercise called Body Parts to draw out the five ingredients of a high performing team
3. Purposefulness:
• Giving Feedback – demonstrating effective feedback using our 3R model to positively communicate observations or feelings
4. Adaptability:
• Stephen Covey’s Circles of Concern and Influence to create ownership and  consider how we can shift our responses to adverse and changing situations 

Building Team Resilience was optimised by a second facilitator joining solely for skills practice in the second half of the day, where Managers practised having conversations with team members about signs of pressure using our unique SUN Model (Set The Scene, Understand, Next Steps). The benefit of this means the group is split into two, with one facilitator per group, resulting in each Manager receiving high quality feedback. 

The Impression We Left...
We asked the delegates how equipped they felt to build their own resilience before and after the workshop on a 1-10 scale (where 1=not and 10=fully) and on average confidence had increased by 34%.
Here are some typical delegate comments:


• All wonderful! The trainer was a lovely, bubbly and positive person which went a long way to setting the tone of the day
• Been a very productive, engaging day. Safe environment and friendly group
• First time I have enjoyed all aspects of a training course
• Many thanks, very much enjoyed and gained some valuable knowledge and techniques
• Excellent workshop, fantastic trainer. There is so much I can take away from this.

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