Starting Point...
Following the successful delivery of a management development programme, which included some newly developed leadership competencies; we were requested to develop a full competency framework to use across the UK business to support performance management.

The Performance Management framework included a high level behaviour for each of the five values, e.g. ‘Achieve better outcomes by engaging with others’ but nothing deeper than that. This meant that colleagues struggled to understand the behavioural side of their performance management rating. The values needed to be brought to life with clearly defined behaviours so they meant something to managers and their teams, making it clear what was expected of them.

Managers could see the benefit of using values and behaviours in recruitment, so this was a logical step to progress the culture.

What We Did...
The first step we agreed with the business was to communicate what we were doing and the reason for the work, which enabled managers to explain the process to their teams.

A Stakeholder Group was established which would be responsible for inputting to the work, reviewing outputs and ultimately signing off the final framework.

We involved as much of the business as we could in the following ways:
• 1 to 1 interviews – with a range of colleagues from different departments to identify required (and high performing behaviours) and match these across roles.
• Focus Groups – again, mixing colleagues from across the business to pose them with various questions, which would input to the behaviours.
• Drop-In Centre/Questionnaire – we provided this as another way to involve as many colleagues as possible to the final version, so everyone felt they had contributed.

Once the final version of revised values and behavioural indicators had been signed off, we delivered a workshop to managers to share the results and provide them with an opportunity to practice launching these with their teams.

The Impression We Left...
  • There was a positive shift in Managers confidence in launching and using the behaviours following the development.
  • All Managers had a clear understanding of each value and the associated behaviours and how they would be used to measure performance. They felt comfortable delivering an overview of the framework to their teams.
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