Balfour Beatty Investments

Starting Point...

Our client wanted to help a department made up of people from disparate locations feel part of ‘one team’, encouraging team working and relationship building.

What We Did...

We developed two interventions: the first being ‘Nasanta’, our unique crisis management simulation, which created opportunities to measure team working behaviours and feedback to each other on these. The second intervention used Pinpoint facilitation to address key business issues – this is an interactive, highly participative, visual process which ensures everyone has an opportunity to discuss and contribute to the success of the business.

The Results...

For this result we will hand over to one of the senior managers from Balfour Beatty:

Firstly, what a great challenge! I fail to see anyone who didn't embrace and benefit from the Nasanta challenge! Teamwork, improved communication and getting everyone involved is certainly something which I will take forward in the workplace.

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